pep talk poem

when do you read or need poetry?
when you give birth. when someone dies.
when you fall in love after seven years of marriage.

you should read poetry more often.
you should read more poetry.

there’s an awful lot of beautiful poems.
i know more beautiful poems then people
i could fall in love with.

i could read you beautiful poems
for twenty five minutes and eight days
about topics other than birth, death and love,
take a deep breath, shake my head, sip of some wine
and read for another six days and nine hours.

well, okay, after the wine i’d probably
do some love poems. i know some pretty good
love poems by heart. i know some pretty good
break-up poems too.

it might be true what the whizzkids say:
every poem is a love poem.

although poets seldom have a drivers licence,
imagine a poet who writes a poem about cars.
in one way or another this poet loves cars,
even when he, at the end of his poem,
lets the car end up against a crash barrier.

this poem he didn’t write
merely for himself nor for a bunch of fellow-poets,

a poet doesn’t want to share his love for poetry
only with other poets, a poet is not unworldly,
he has to love an awful lot of things to write his poems.

a poet can love cars, crash barriers, crash test dummies.
a poet surely loves a good glass of wine.
a poet definitely loves you reading poetry.

start to read poetry. reading poetry helps you
to see all these boring everyday things
with a refreshed look.

read poetry and you will find solutions for problems
you thought you didn’t have.

don’t go to a shrink,
poetry should be your daily pep talk.

for your own sake, read poetry.

after a while you will recognize poetry
in a traffic jam. after a while you will recognize
poetry in a bad hangover. after a while you will
recognize poetry in divorce and have a good laugh at it.

if you keep refusing to read poetry, please don’t
wait to fall in love until you’re married for seven years.

Dit gedicht schreef ik voor en bracht ik tijdens TEDxGhent.


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